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Student Government Representation
2017-2018 Officers
President: Cayden Clarkson
8th Vice President: Caleb McConaha
7th Vice President: Peyton Aldridge
Secretary: Lameika Hall
Treasurer: Rey Noguez
8th Representatives: Eli Clarkson, Frederick Martin, Meeya Gordon
7th Representatives: Jesus Ramirez, Ethan Bridges, Tabatha Ford
6th Representatives: Anna Rose Work, Caden Bridges, Skyler Robinson
Books for Junior High
Books for Junior High
The Junior High SGA, for two years, has worked hard to purchase books for the use of all students. The library has grown considerably each year. We have amassed over 450 books and reference books including a set of World Book Encyclopedias, a set of Young Scientists, and a set of Child Craft.
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